Sue Zemel’s ability to connect with others to divine and shapeshift their words makes the challenge of completing that looming writing project a labor of love and cause for celebration.

Sue coaches high school, college, and graduate school applicants and people of all kinds who need help with their writing.

Sue received her B.A. in English and Comedy from Beloit College. She is a produced playwright, screenplay writer, and a published Bay Area journalist and blogger.

She wrote and edited at Apple Computer for over a decade, and in the course of her writing practice, has created everything from newspaper articles and reviews, to business proposals, arts grants, comedy routines, speeches and performance pieces, and web site content.  More recently, Sue has mentored students at Canal Alliance in San Rafael and privately through her consulting business.

There is nothing she likes better than giving and receiving a good story, which she has been doing since age four.  She is passionate about helping others raise their voices and be seen and heard.

Check out some of Sue’s personal narrative writing:


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Sue Zemel with PICAsso & Max

Sue Zemel with PICAsso & Max